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First Round Prospects, Defensive Line: Cameron Heyward, Ohio State

We continue our look at possible selections for the Jets in the first round with Cameron Heyward, who is the son of "Ironman" Heyward. At 6-5, 285, Heyward is best projected as a "5-Techinque" DE, which is where Shaun Ellis plays. Heyward is expected to go in the late 1st round.

In terms of pass rush, Heyward is not the most dangerous threat on the field, but he puts consistent pressure on anywhere he lines up. He is fast off the snap and has long arms. He is a better interior rusher than an edge rusher, which is what you are looking for in a 3-4 DE. He has lateral quickness and absolutely blows up any running backs tryingto block him.

Against the run, Heyward is as solid as you want in a 3-4 end. He tries to get involved in every play. I have seen him blow up blocks, and had a pretty decent outing against fellow first round projection Gabe Carimi. Too strong for tight ends and rarely loses his contain. Heyward always gives good effort on every play.

The knock on Heyward is that he is somewhat inconsistent, but his positive plays far outweigh his negatives. Heyward is well-liked, a hard worker, and an overall solid football player.

Personally, he has emerged as one of my favorites at DE. The Jets may have to move up a few spots if they really want this kid. To me, whoever picks him up late in the first is getting a bargain.