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Flight Connections 03-21-11


The Jets have been nominated for professional sports team of the year.

The team may be able to survive the lockout.

HC Rex Ryan talks about Babe Ruth and his guarantee.

STC Mike Westhoff spoke to students in New Jersey recently.

Westy believes Gang Green will draft for the defense.

Football Outsiders: CB Darrelle Revis continues to be awesome.

JetsTwit reports on DT Mike DeVito's defense of his squad's performance.

Infinite Jets is brought to you by the number 6.

Former Jets LG Pete Kendall talks about players' financial losses.

Randy Lange writes about possible rule changes for safer play.

Bob Glauber believes there will be a change with instant replay.

Rich Cimini is critical of the proposal to kickoff from the 35 yard line.

AFC East Blog lists influential committee members in the division.

The Fifth Down: Washington owner Dan Snyder wants Redskins name all to himself.

Former Jets and Redskins RB John Riggins after the jump.