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Playoff Overtime Rules Will Not Move to Regular Season

This is a few days old but still relevant. This year the NFL instituted a convoluted system for deciding Playoff games in overtime. The league thankfully has no plans of extending this system into the regular season.

"Our feeling here is that we wanted to do kind of what we have done, which is put it into the postseason where the consequences are a little more severe and then see it operate a little bit, which we did not this year," he said."I don’t think there is any rush. There are some members of the committee that wanted to talk about proposing it this year, but I think our overall feeling was let’s wait a year or two before we propose the change, and let’s see where that leads us.  Let’s see some games played under that new rule."

The most critical games of the season are not a great place to experiment, particularly with a system this illogical. At any rate, less of this thing is probably a good thing.