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Reiss: Randy Moss Unlikely to Land in New England

During the dead time of the non hot stove league, Randy Moss' remarks about loving New England a few days back inevitably were going to produce questions about the potential for a return to the Patriots. ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss is not buying it.

A lot of stars would have to align before the Patriots re-signed Randy Moss. I just don’t see it happening.

I suppose that makes sense. I mean the Pats had him last year and traded him rather than extending his deal. Moss' value is a lot lower now than it was then after unproductive stints with the Minnesota Vikings and the Tennessee Titans. The Pats could stand to benefit from adding a deep threat, something that was lacking from their passing game in 2010. It looks like that addition will probably not be Randy Moss.

With all of the Draft picks they have, they have plenty of ammo to target the guy they want either through the Draft or trade.