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Mike Devito Responds to Trent Dilfer

Trent Dilfer made some comments highly critical of the Jets defense over the past few days. Mike Devito for one was not amused and responded.

On Saturday morning, DeVito weighed in on twitter.

"I think it takes more than "smoke and mirrors" to be in the top 3 defenses 2 yrs in a row!" Devito said.

I agree. Guys like Devito who do the dirty work so well have been an integral part of the unit's success. The Jets are very well coached and have a good scheme. Coaching cannot, however, compensate for deficiencies up front. The best scheme does not work if players in the trenches are incapable of winning assignments. Devito and his fellow linemen have won their battles consistently the last two years.

Dilfer's comments were inaccurate. There are good players on this defense. It shows why ESPN should not be so quick to hand out analyst jobs to anybody who retires. Perhaps that network will realize having less than 55 NFL analysts is not necessarily a bad thing.