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New York Jets Cut Ben Hartsock

The Jets continue to clean house. Ben Hartsock was cut today.

Jets confirmed the Daily News' report by officially releasing outside linebacker Vernon Gholston.  Blocking tight end Ben Hartsock was also cut. A source told the Daily News that the Jets may be interested in signing Hartsock, who was scheduled to earn $1.6 million in 2011, back at a reduced salary. But that won't happen until a new collective bargaining agreement is reached.

This was not surprising and makes plenty of sense. It does not make a ton of sense to give a guy over $1.5 million to do a job a minimum wage backup lineman can do. Plenty of guys out there, both veterans and rookie free agents will be capable of blocking while providing nothing in the passing game for less. Matthew Mulligan is already on the roster and fits this description.

It would not be the end of the world for the team to bring back Ben Hartsock at a less expensive price. I would prefer the team find a blocking tight end who can at least keep a defense honest in the passing game, though.

What are your thoughts on this transaction? Should the New York Jets attempt to bring back the blocking tight end at a discounted rate? If not, what should the team do at the position?