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LaDainian Tomlinson Stays: The Right Move? Part 4: The Vote

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I think the Jets got more and more comfortable with Joe McKnight as the 2010 season went on. He worked his way onto the roster on special teams, played an excellent Week 17 game against the Bills and actually looked pretty good making a guy miss in his postseason touch against the Patriots. He will be expected to take on a bigger role in 2011, which will allow the Jets to limit LaDainian Tomlinson's touches. The veteran back will stay fresh. The temptation will be to also limit Shonn Greene, the pounder's carries to keep him fresh, but that will be McKnight's (and possibly Jon Conner's) job. The best case is to have a fresh LT for January.

The team needs a veteran as a blocker, and Tomlinson fits that bill. That makes having him come back a good decision. I think the Jets should keep their eyes open in case the bottom falls out on the market for a younger, more productive guy to fill that role (Ronnie Brown for example). If no options are available at that price, LT coming back makes sense to me.

How do you vote?