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LaDainian Tomlinson Stays: The Right Move? Part 3: Blocking

LT helps keep Mark upright
LT helps keep Mark upright

One of the biggest arguments in favor of keeping LaDainian Tomlinson is what he does in the passing game. I am not only talking about his receiving skills. He has grown into a good pass protector. That is important with so much invested in Mark Sanchez. The Jets need a back who knows what he is doing back there.

Shonn Greene's pass protection skills are still raw. Even during his excellent game against the Bills, Joe McKnight looked lost when asked to block. It almost looked like he did not realize he was supposed to be blocking. Running back is usually a young man's position. I think the Jets need a veteran back, though, if for no other reason than to help as a pass protector. When one considers this part of LT's game along with his receiving skills, he seems like an ideal third down back. This is when he should see the field and not much else.

Especially with Tony Richardson seemlingly on his way out, Tomlinson staying makes sense in this light.