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LaDainian Tomlinson Stays: The Right Move? Part 1: Introduction

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I was not able to profile LaDainian Tomlinson in a Stay or Go profile before the team announced LT was staying in green and white. I still think it provides an interesting discussion topic, though, so I would like to talk about whether it was the right decision.

LaDainian Tomlison will go down with the likes of Ronnie Lott, Art Monk, and Brett Favre as guys who became legends elsewhere and came to the Jets in the twilights of their respective careers. A former league MVP, rushing champion, single season rushing touchdown record holder, and five time Pro Bowler, Tomlinson came to New York in 2010 to split carries with Shonn Greene and search for the championship that has eluded him.

While some (myself included) thought he was washed up and questioned the move, Tomlinson got off to a fast start and showed he had something left in the tank before he slowed down later in the year.

The Jets have decided to bypass over $2 million in potential cap savings to bring him back for the second year of his two year contract. The question is whether it is the right move.