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Mark Sanchez Provides Broadway Advice

I think it is interesting to see what the guys are up to during the lockout. Mark Sanchez has remained active on Twitter. He is noted for his love of Broadway theater. Yesterday a fan asked him about a Tony Award winning show called Memphis. Count Mark among its fans.

RT @: taking my mom to see Memphis im beyond excited...ur opinions?... You'll love it! Great show

I have also heard good things about that. The ultimate play for football fans remains Lombardi, though. Not only was it a good play, but Tom Brady's decision to go there instead of watching the Jets-Colts Wild Card Playoff game gave Rex Ryan a funny one liner the week leading up to the Divisional Playoffs rubber match in Foxborough.

ESPN's pregame show did a feature on Sanchez's affinity for Broadway during the season. You can catch some low quality footage here.

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