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Send Steve Sabol Your Best

Head of NFL Films Steve Sabol is battling cancer. Peter King's Twitter account tells us about his treatment and a way to reach out.

NFL Films czar Steve Sabol to begin radiation for brain tumor. Now it's time for a ton of email support. Write now:

NFL Films helped build the league into the juggernaut it is today with its movie like storytelling and intimate access to field level. Perhaps it is best appreciated by past generations, but even contemporary things we enjoy like NFL Network might not be possible without these contributions.

Lost in the absurdity of Curtis Martin not getting inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame before the Super Bowl, Sabol's father, Ed Sabol, the founder of NFL Films was voted in and deservedly so.

Every NFL fan owes the Sabol family gratitude for their revolutionary camera work. Wish him the best. It is a nice thing to do.