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Other Jets Who Could Lose Workout Bonuses

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The other day we talked about how D'Brickashaw Ferguson might lose a lucrative workout bonus if the lockout is long. The always excellent Manish Mehta provides a list of other Jets at risk.

Other #Jets with workout bonuses: Bryan Thomas (500k), Devito (350K), Scott and Pace (250K each) and Tomlinson (200k). #nyj

I do not think things like this will have much of an impact speeding up the labor negotiations. Losing that money would hurt the players, but they would stand to lose exponentially more if they did not sign a favorable labor deal.

I also think things like this contribute to people taking the side of the owners. With numbers like these out in the open, people are inclined to think the players are greedy since they are saying numbers like those are not sufficient to make them settle. The money the owners make is not as accessible to the public.