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FEMA to Take Part in Exercises at Meadowlands Stadium This Weekend

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency will be at the stadium in the Meadowlands this weekend.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and its federal, state and local partners will conduct an exercise — code-named "REDZONE" — on Saturday, March 19, to evaluate response concepts, plans and capabilities at New Meadowlands Stadium.

The exercise will focus on local emergency responder command and control coordination, critical decisions, notifications and integration of state and federal assets necessary to save lives and protect public health and safety.

Among the participants are:

Federal Agencies

FEMA, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Department of Energy-Brookhaven Laboratory, Department of Health and Human Services, United States Air Force Search and Recovery Team

New Jersey State Agencies — Office of Emergency Management, State Police, Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Health and Senior Services, Department of Human Services, Department of Criminal Justice, Office of the State Medical Examiner, Division of Fire Safety, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Task Force, N.J. Sports and Exposition Authority, 21st Civil Support Team, N.J. National Guard

Regional Groups — N.J. Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), Mobile Intensive Care Communications of N.J.

Bergen County Agencies — Office of Emergency Management, Fire Coordinator, Police Department, EMS Coordinator

Private Sector Agencies — New Meadowlands Stadium Corporation, N.J. Transit, Eastern Regional Helicopter Council

Non-Governmental Organizations — The American Red Cross