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Tim Graham's Best and Worst of the Last Five Jets Drafts

ESPN AFC East blogger Tim Graham has a list for each team in the division. He looks at the last five NFL Drafts and rates what he considers the best and worst pick in that span. He also names a "bubble" player on whom the jury is still out.

The choices for best and worst of the New York Jets are obvious. Darrelle Revis was the best. Vernon Gholston was the worst. Revis has become perhaps the best defensive player on the planet. Gholston, a supposed big time pass rusher, is no longer even on the team and has as many career NFL sacks as he did on the day he was drafted.

I think the big surprise is Graham listing Shonn Greene as his bubble player. Greene has certainly flashed potential. He has also not consistently done it over the course of a season yet. Mark Sanchez has to be the bubble player, though. He is the key player for this team over the next decade. He has flashed some fantastic signs and some troubling ones. His trajectory is still not entirely clear and will have more to do with just how successful the team is for a long time than anybody else.