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Some NFL'ers Go to Arena League

A couple of NFL practice squad players are headed to the Arena Football League.

Unable to work out at their NFL team's facilities, Bergeron this week signed with the AFL's Cleveland Gladiators and Windsor joined the Arizona Rattlers. Both are former AFL rookie of the year award winners.

Players were permitted to sign with another league after the NFL lockout began last weekend. Bergeron and Windsor are still under contract with their respective NFL teams, who still own their NFL rights.

This is probably not a huge story at this point. Marginal roster guys like these have every incentive to go to the AFL. It is a free chance to gain more experience and appear on film for other teams. It bears watching, however, to see whether more prominent guys jump. It could be a signal talks are going poorly, and they feel like they need to make sure they will be able to play in 2011.