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Antonio Cromartie Thinks Prospects Should Attend NFL Draft

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Antonio Cromartie has established himself as one of the most vocal players in the league over the past few months, whether it has been talking about his distaste for Tom Brady, frustration over labor negotiations, or threatening Matt Hasselbeck. It should come as no surprise that he has an opinion on the matter of prospects attending the NFL Draft.

"I hope all the top guys go to Radio City and get the experience as everyone else did," Cromartie wrote on Twitter. "I think the fans that go radio city loves it."

When a Twitter follower suggested Cromartie go to Radio City himself and sit with Jets fans, he responded, "ok I’m there," according to Pro Football Talk.

All of this talk coming from Cro makes me think he will be willing to try and work something out with the Jets. This nugget is not particularly controversial, but he has to know that Rex Ryan is one of the few coaches in the game who would tolerate a guy being as outspoken as Cromartie has been lately.