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SB Nation Bloggers Chat With Roger Goodell

I would like to take a moment to plug our fantastic network. SB Nation bloggers had a chance to join NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and lead negotiator in labor talks Jeff Pash today on a conference call. I was unfortunately not available to join, but several of my colleagues were and did a fantastic job. The interview will be rolled out across the network for the next day or so.

You can check out the Story Stream over on the main site. Here is a link.

Here is a little excerpt. The commissioner had the following response on a question about whether there was a deadline at which the league would start postponing games if there was no new labor agreement.

We do not have a firm date. We have been focused on negotiations and trying to get resolution to this. Obviously the uncertainty of not having an agreement - we're in the midst of constructing our 2011 playing schedule. We have to try to obviously plan for flexibility on that. We are planning on a full season. We are preparing for a full season. And we certainly hope to be playing a full season.