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Trent Dilfer Trashes New York Jets Defense

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ESPN's Trent Dilfer is apparently not impressed with the Jets defense.

"It's smoke and mirrors," Dilfer said. "It is bells and whistles. They will not be a great defense until they get some dynamic play out of their front three in that 3-4 defense. They must, must identify their bigs on the defensive front before they become great and before they can fulfill this promise of winning the Super Bowl."

Dilfer does not come off looking good in this. It is not clear what defense he was watching last year. The Mike Devito-Sione Pouha-Shaun Ellis line was excellent. That is why the Jets ranked third in the league against the run. The job of the front three in a 3-4 scheme is to hold the point and keep the linebackers clean. These guys did that consistently. Maybe Dilfer wants them to put up big sack numbers, but remember that is not what defensive linemen in the scheme do.

Either Dilfer did not watch the Jets carefully on film or he does not understand the role of linemen in a base defense that is prominent around the league.

Please feel free to make snide remarks about Dilfer being lucky to be on the Ravens' Super Bowl team below. He has earned it.