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NFLPA Says There Will Be No Draft Boycott

Rebutting reports, a representative of the NFLPA (what still exists of it) says there will be no player boycott of the Draft but an alternate event instead.

Agent Tom Condon, who represents quarterback Blaine Gabbert -- currently tabbed as the No. 1 overall pick by ESPN NFL draft expert Mel Kiper in his latest mock draft -- told ESPN's "SportsCenter" that the NFLPA might hold an "alternative event" for the players who will be drafted.

"It would be the same but instead of walking across the stage and shaking hands or getting a man hug from a commissioner who of course has locked you out and is insisting on a wage scale, you'd be walking across the stage and maybe get a handshake from [NFLPA executive director] DeMaurice Smith, who of course is fighting for you not to have a wage scale and not to lock you out," he said.

I have said it before. I will say it again. This is dumb. Nobody tunes in to watch these guys walk across the stage and shake hands. Fans wait for the announcements on which players will be on their team. The vast majority prospects are not present in any event. This just shows the disdain the players have for the owners right now.