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Beating New England Is Heaven for Mike Westhoff

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Mike Westhoff is seldom at a loss for words. He described his team's Playoff win over New England as divine yesterday.

• He referenced last season's memorable upset of the Patriots in the divisional playoffs, saying, "I'd rather beat them than maybe go to heaven." He got big laughs for that line. You can only imagine the reaction in the Foxborough bunker.

I think Westhoff has a greater appreciation for what that win meant than most of the other coaches on the staff since he has been around New York during the entire dynasty and for all of the beatings the Jets took through the years. That is part of why it was so sweet for fans.

It was also nice to quiet some of the more vocal and obnoxious New England fans. They by no means represent all Pats fans, but having gone to college in New England, there is a certain obnoxious stereotype that exists.