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Fans Will Get Refunds for Unplayed Game Tickets

Ticket holders for any games that are not played in 2011 as a result of labor strife will be entitled to a refund says Manish Mehta.

The Jets will refund money for any missed preseason and regular-season games without any simple interest.

I would certainly hope this is the case. If fans are shelling out money in return for a product, they should be entitled to a refund if they do not receive that product. There is no real need for interest either. They would get back everything they put out for a service not received. If you return something defective to a store, the store pays you back for the cost of the product. You do not get extra for inconvenience. The same concept is at work in this case.

There is no word yet on whether that Spygate attorney will sue the Jets for interest on unused tickets. We wait anxiously.