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Union Seeks Draft Boycott

Apparently what remains of the NFLPA wants prospects to skip next month's NFL Draft.

The union has contacted the top-17 prospects, the report says.

"As of right now, this is 100 percent happening," one source told the website. "This is going down."

I cannot say I really understand the logic behind this. Most people tune in to see which rookies will be on their team's roster next year, not to see these guys shake hands with Roger Goodell, hold up a jersey, and interview with ESPN. Only the top prospects go anyway. Most do not. This strikes me as silly. Perhaps it represents the spite between the two sides more than anything. The players might not want any of their own interacting with the league.

If anything, it probably will be beneficial to the prospects to skip it. The only time people remember a prospect physically at the Draft is when they have a long, unexpected, uncomfortable wait after falling down the board like Aaron Rodgers and Brady Quinn.