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New York Jets Begin Furloughs and Paycuts

As the lockout has begun, Jets employees are bearing the brunt.

Beginning this week, all contract employees, which include the coaching staff and general manager Mike Tannenbaum, will have their salaries cut by 25 percent and all non-contract employees will begin a one-week-per-month unpaid furlough.

You all have probably heard enough rants from me about the owners to go on one talking about their actions hurting the little guy so I will spare you.

This provides something of a reminder, though. Many of us, myself included have talked about suffering as the result of a work stoppage. We are not really suffering, though. The people who have to go a month without pay and an uncertain future are the real victims here. I am not talking about Mike T or Rex, who will still make a lot even if their salaries are reduced a bit. I am talking about the regular people who work for the organization who were not making big bucks to begin with and now will have to struggle to get by.