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Is the League's Offer as Good as It Seems?

I do not want to seem like I am turning this into a bullhorn for the position of the players in the lockout. There is another point I would like to make. The league released a summary of its offer to the players on Friday. It generated some good PR because it looks reasonable at paper. I would advise people to put that in perspective, though.

What the league released was bullet points of parts of the proposal that would seem reasonable to fans. It did not talk about specifics. The league had every reason to emphasize the points that will be popular. The owners did not release a comprehensive proposal with details.

I respect the opinion of others. I usually do not take the side of players in sports labor strife. In this case, though, I think the players have a reasonable perspective. The politically correct version is that both sides are equally to blame. From what I have seen, I simply do not blame the players much. I find their stance to be reasonable. If that changes, I will certainly say so. I am not beholden to the players. I do tend to take their side at this point, though.