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Lockout Might Force New York Jets to Hold Training Camp at Cortland One Extra Year

Manish Mehta did the homework and found the Jets might have to go back to Cortland for training camp an extra year to honor their contract if there is no training camp this year.

The Daily News has learned that the NFL lockout may affect the Jets' training camp agreement with SUNY Cortland. The team has two years remaining on a three-year contract signed last year with the university. If there is no training camp in Cortland this summer, the Jets would be required to hold camp at the university through 2013, according to the team.

There are also two two-year team options to extend the partnership. If training camp this season is abbreviated due to a lockout, it's uncertain whether the Jets would be required to hold camp in Cortland in 2013.

They seem to enjoy it up there as Rex Ryan likes getting his players away from the distractions of home so this might not be a big issue. By most accounts, having the Jets has been very beneficial to the local economy since so many Jets fans travel up there to see training camp. Perhaps the bonding of being away from home has helped locker room chemistry and aided the success the team has had on the field the past two years.