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Eric Smith Has Fine Reduced

Eric Smith was fined by the league for a hit he delivered against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship Game. He appealed it and got it reduced.

The Daily News has learned that safety Eric Smith’s league-imposed $10,000 fine for a hit in the AFC Championship Game has been cut in half after an appeal. The NFL slapped the fine on Smith for a hit on Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders early in the second quarter of the Jets’ 24-19 loss.
The league reduced it to a $5,000 fine after Smith presented his case that he didn't hit a defenseless receiver, according to a source.

Doesn't the AFC Championship Game feel like an eternity ago? In any event, it does seem a bit surprising the league would reduce his fine. Smith's history in this area is far from spotless. He was fined after a Week 2 hit on Wes Welker that drew a personal foul call and drew a one game suspension back in 2008 for a devastating shot on Anquan Boldin.