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Syracuse University Will Have 10 Games at Meadowlands Stadium

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The stadium in the Meadowlands will host 10 Syracuse University football games starting in 2019.

"Our games in the New Meadowlands will provide a great opportunity for alumni in the tri-state area to attend games with family and friends and for our fans in Central New York to take family and friends to New York City for a nice weekend that includes Syracuse football," said head coach Doug Marrone. "The New Meadowlands is a state-of-the-art facility that provides a special experience for our student-athletes. For our team to play there on a regular basis in the coming years will greatly enhance to the profile of our program and the University."

Quite a few alums and fans live in the area. This is good news for another reason, though. Tickets to the new stadium are really expensive. A number of families have been priced out of the stadium. The more events there, the better. It gives more kids the chance to see the stadium without forcing their parents to break the bank.

I know that I am the guy who just wrote about Woody Johnson not being a billionaire and thus poor by NFL owner standards, but this is a problem that pervades professional sports these days. Something is fundamentally wrong when kids, the fans of tomorrow, cannot get the experience of seeing their heroes in person. The odds of this changing are about as good as the league listening to coalitions of fans you hear about, not very good. It is a fundamental problem, and I am not sure how it will ever be fixed. This is at least a substitute.