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James Ihedibgo's Nephew Is Born

New York Jets safety James Ihedigbo announced on his Twitter account tonight that he has a new baby nephew.

Baby Isaiah Apollos Ihedigbo born today8:24pm CST 5lb 5oz I'm an uncle again great day in the Ihedigbo household

This is clearly very exciting news for Digs and for the New York Jets family as a whole. It was nice of him to share it with all of his fans. There is so much bad news out there, that it is always good to pass along something that will make people feel happy. It would also be nice if we could suddenly get some last minute good news on the CBA front so uncle James can get signed for 2011.

Head over to James' Twitter page to congratulate him on the newest member of his family.

I look forward to writing about Isaiah's rookie season with the Jets playing at his uncle's safety position here on GGN in 2033.