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Report: New England Patriots Safety Brandon Meriweather at Shooting

A report came out today that indicated Patriots Pro Bowl safety Brandon Meriweather was at the site of a shooting.

Police in Orlando want to talk to New England Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather about a shooting that injured two men outside a bar near his hometown, authorities said Thursday.

No charges have been filed in the incident.

Obviously it is too early to know what happened or predict what will come of it. Several witnesses say Merriweather was playing the role of peacemaker and had no involvement whatsoever in the shooting. It is simply a story to keep your eye on as far as it affects the main competition in the division.The league is currently looking into the matter to try and find out what the facts are.

Ok, it also gives me another chance to bring up how Merriweather made the Pro Bowl this season. What was up with that?