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Mark Sanchez Helps Out Friend

Mark Sanchez threw to a friend who also happens to be a wide receiver prospect at the University of Colorado's pro day yesterday.

Sanchez's friend is wide receiver Scotty McKnight, the school's all-time leading receiver with 215 catches. They grew up together in Coto de Caza, Calf., and have remained friends.

What did Sanchez do at the Pro Day? According to the Denver Post, he threw passes to McKnight, who ran routes and worked out with other Colorado players in front of NFL scouts.

It is great that even with his success in New York as an NFL quarterback, Mark has not forgotten his old friends.

I imagine this is another move that might give the Jets a bit of extra information on Draft day or after. Sanchez will probably vouch for his friend. A personal reference would probably be helpful. Perhaps just as importantly, however, Sanchez can provide an insider's scouting report of what McKnight does well and what he can improve upon. Would anything from this really hinge on this information? It probably would not. Mike Tannebaum, however, is a guy who likes to absorb all information available and get as many different perspectives before making a big call.

McKnight is currently projected to be a late round pick or undrafted. Undrafted players are key for a team like the Jets that likes to package picks and move up, ending with less picks than the average team.