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Monday's Cuts Were the Right Moves

After having some time to digest the four players the Jets cut on Monday, I think the team made the right decision. Successful NFL teams spend big and lock up premium young talent. This move creates over $13 million more to do so with some of the key free agents.

Successful teams do not spend too much on guys who produce marginally (Jason Taylor) or not at all (Vernon Gholston). Those guys can be found cheaper on the market.

Successful teams do not pay for past performance, particularly when a younger, cheaper, talented option is waiting in the wings (Damien Woody).

Successful teams do not pay top dollar for guys who struggle to stay on the field (Kris Jenkins). They do take low risk high upside gambles such as resigning Jenkins at a lower cost.

Successful teams lock up the young talent in its prime. That means David Harris, Santonio Holmes, and Braylon Edwards. These moves give the Jets a better chance to give a developing quarterback all of his best weapons back. The big money should go to the best guys. Anything else in the NFL can be found for cheap.