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How Much Would You Spend to Bring Back Kris Jenkins?

I think most fans appreciate how good Kris Jenkins is when he can stay on the field. We all also realize how that has been an issue for the big guy. It seems like very few people would object to bringing him back at the right price. The Jets decided his current contract was not the right price and that the $4.6 million in cap savings in 2011 was more valuable.

How much do you think the team should pay Kris? I see him as one of the potential bargains of the offseason. We all know about the talent, but the injuries could scare teams off and limit how much he is worth on the open market.

I am not sure I would be upset to see him back at any contract below what he was making. I will admit, though, that I might be too in love with the potential of two nose tackles playing together at the same time.

What would you offer Jenkins?