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Ray Lucas Discusses Detox Openly Through Social Media

Former New York Jets quarterback Ray Lucas is openly discussing detox through social media. Lucas apparently had an addiction to pain killers resulting from injuries during his NFL career. This is an interesting story. It displays the sacrifice these guys must make to get to the top of their profession.

I also have a lot of admiration for Lucas doing this. It is not exactly the easiest topic to discuss in the open, particularly for a well known public figure. Perhaps this will encourage others in his boat to be open about their problems and seek the help they need.

Lucas is a local product. He played his college ball at Rutgers University. After starting his career in New England, he moved to the Jets in 1997. He started 9 games for the Jets in 1999 after Vinny Testaverde was injured, and Rick Mirer was ineffective. He had 14 touchdowns and 6 interceptions as Gang Green went 6-3. He finished his career with Miami and Baltimore. Lucas has stayed around the game as a Jets analyst with Sportsnet New York.