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Deadspin Published Mark Sanchez Story

Getty Images for PepsiCo

If you feel like reading the Mark Sanchez story about his alleged involvement with a 17 year old girl, Deadspin published it yesterday. I am sure some of you question me giving the site any publicity, but it deals with the New York Jets. I have to at least discuss it. In addition, I think the site does a lot to destroy whatever credibility it has as one reads deeper.

Mark actually comes off as a pretty good guy in it. A.J. Daulerio's teasers made this sound much more scandalous.

It also has an incredible exchange where Daulerio gets into a fight with the 17 year old girl, who requests Deadspin to bury this story. Daulerio somehow implies not doing this story would be not doing his job. Maybe he has legal cover. That will be for our civil law system to decide. I personally find it a bit repugnant for the guy to go ahead with a story about a high school girl's personal life she asks the guy to not run.