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Report: Deadspin Story on Mark Sanchez Is Benign

Today is the day a Deadspin story about Mark Sanchez's alleged involvement with a 17 year old girl is supposed to drop. According to one report, there will not be much major news. says it is waiting until Tuesday to post pics that the girl took inside Sanchez's bedroom after they met on New Year's Eve.

Blog editor A.J. Daulerio says the photos aren't graphic and there wouldn't be anything illegal about the hook-up because the teen was of legal age.

The photos show an unmade bed that the she says is Sanchez's and a picture on the bedroom wall that depicts Sanchez and his nephew, Daulerio said Sunday.

Daulerio is nothing if not a brilliant self promoter. He has created a buzz around this story to the point where he is getting publicity across Jets sites on the internet. And it all might be for something as unentertaining as a view inside Sanchez's residence. Today we will see either total tabloid garbage, something exceptionally boring, or most likely, both.

The most entertaining aspect of this might be the impending legal battle between Daulerio and the young girl's attorney, who wrote the standard threatening attorney letter and seems to be a pretty accomplished professional. That would potentially be for the parties and for courts to decide, however.

I am just hoping this story does not go viral. Since it involves a Jet and something potentially scandalous in the eyes of some, I am guessing it will.