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Darrelle Revis Wants Chad Johnson to Become a New York Jet

Darrelle Revis is apparently hoping Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson lands in green and white.

"I want Chad to come here and play for us, to be a Jet," Revis told New York Metro leading up to the Super Bowl. "I've been in his ear a lot about it this week. ... I think he could do well here. I've been telling him to come here."

Revis is becoming quite the general manager. Last week he was talking about his hope the Jets would keep Antonio Cromartie. Now he is trying to bolster the team's wide receiver corps. Johnson might be a reasonably priced alternative for the team in case either Santonio Holmes or (especially) Braylon Edwards is not back in green and white next season. He would make sense to replace Edwards potentially as a deep threat. It also has the potential to be a patented Mike Tannenbaum sell low for big talent trade. Plus Johnson would not have to worry about Revis shutting him out again.

This sure would make things interesting. I cannot even begin to imagine a combination of Johnson's personality, Rex Ryan's allowance for self expression, and the New York media. This team would actually get even more entertaining. We will talk more about this as the offseason progresses, but I do not think this is the last we will hear of rumors about Johnson.