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Jets Flight Connections 02-07-11


Jets great RB Curtis Martin was gracious after learning that he didn't make the Hall of Fame this year.

QB Mark Sanchez apparently watched the Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

TE Dustin Keller didn't win the NFL Alumni Association award.

Keller was apparently in Vegas yesterday as well.

Gang Green has reportedly signed DL Garrett McIntyre.

Rich Cimini wonders about the possiblity of franchising ILB David Harris.

Gary Myers predicts the Jets will play the Eagles in Super Bowl XLVI.

Jets Twit shares messages from players during last night's game.

Jets Twit points out that the Sopranos are Jets fans.

SB Nation's mock draft has the Jets picking an outside linebacker.

SB Nation New York thinks the New Meadowlands will be a better host than Dallas.

New Jersey is looking forward to profits from 2014's big game..

Quality control coach Lance Taylor hopes to coach for the University of Alabama.

Former Jets assistant coach Chuck Smith will not return to the University of Tennessee.

Former Jets QB Chad Pennington talks about his foundation and more.

Former Jets WR Eric Boles speaks about pornography addiction.

Former Jets DT Howard Green played a big role in Green Bay's Super Bowl win.

New York Times: Fox muffed its opportunity to report on ticket debacle.

Associated Press: With TV history at stake, Fox plays it safe.