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Joe Klecko Also Belongs in Hall of Fame

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Lost in all of the Curtis Martin Hall of Fame talk is there is another Jets great who deserves to be enshrined in Canton. This Jets great seldom even gets seriously considered or thought about when it comes to the Hall of Fame. That great is Joe Klecko.

Klecko made the Pro Bowl at three different positions. He made it at defensive end. He made it at defensive tackle. He made it at nose tackle. Consider that. How many elite defensive ends today could move to the nose and continue to thrive? It is mind boggling. Apparently, though, being one of the best at three different positions does not qualify a player as "dominating" enough to make the Hall of Fame.

There are plenty of examples of how the Hall of Fame process makes no sense. It is obvious when Curtis Martin can miss the cut on the first ballot because of things like an artificial ceiling on the number who can enter, the perception there cannot be more than one running back entering in a given year, and the perception certain players must wait longer than others, the system is fundamentally flawed. When a guy with Klecko's resume cannot even get serious consideration, it is evident the process is almost worthless.