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Any Predictions Today Are Ridiculous

The day after the Super Bowl, a lot of pundits like to look ahead, make predictions, and put together 2011 power rankings. These things are always meaningless. I try and avoid these as much as I can. They have no impact on the standings or on the way teams play. The ones coming out today, though, are especially silly.

Nobody knows what any team will look like headed into next season. We still have the Draft and free agency to go. We also do not know how a potential work stoppage might affect preparation time for teams looking to install new systems. Any predictions are pure guess work and space filler.

We also do not know what will happen to impact the status of players headed into next season. At this point in 2007, it looked like Michael Vick would be the starting quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons not just for that upcoming campaign but for years to come.

Any predictions today are not much more than picking team names.