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Report: New York Jets Will Use Franchise Tag on David Harris

Adam Schefter reports the Jets will franchise linebacker David Harris.

The linebacker franchise tag number last season was $9.6 million, but Harris would like a considerably longer-term deal than just one year. If franchise tags are allowed -- and the NFLPA plans to battle that -- the Jets will restrict the 27-year-old Harris but will allow Holmes and Edwards to test the free-agent market.

Making sure Harris returns had to be the top priority for the Jets this offseason. He is too valuable against the run for the team to lose. I hope the team can work out a long term deal instead of using the tag. I would rather see the Jets keep the tag free to gain more options with other players. Harris is going to have to get a long term deal eventually. That might as well happen now rather than later.

The fact the team realizes how integral resigning Harris is seems like a good sign, though. This team has plenty of work to do this offseason resigning its own players on top of making outside additions to improve the club. It is nice to see a strategy forming to prioritize the right guys. Losing Harris should never even be a consideration. It is an excellent first step.