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Curtis Martin Displays Class After Hall of Fame Vote

Curtis Martin took the high road after his Hall of Fame snub last night.

"I think the voting committee did a great job selecting the 2011 class. If I were a part of the committee I can't say that I would have voted any differently. I'm not being modest at all, but I truly don't feel that there's anyone in this year's class that I should have bested in the voting process.

"Of course, I would have loved to get in this year, but, No. 1, the inductees truly deserved it. No. 2, there's always next year! I thank you all for the recognition and congratulations to this year's inductees!"

I am not surprised by this. Curtis Martin is class all the way. The man is too good to call a spade a spade in public and complain about the joke this was. I am not done complaining about this absurdity, but he is right about one thing. There is always next year. Maybe then his career will have been "dominant" enough to gain entry into Canton.