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Curtis Martin Not Elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame

Curtis Martin was not elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame tonight. He did not make the second round of cuts in voting. The Jets suffer yet another defeat just short of the ultimate prize.

Let me say what Curtis is probably far too classy to say. I do not question that there were plenty of deserving candidates for enshrinement this year, but Martin not making the cut on the first ballot is a travesty. It shows how nonsensical the system really is. If the fourth leading rusher in league history who had ten 1,000 yard seasons cannot get in immediately, the entire process is a joke.

I am hopeful Curtis' time will come one day. When it does come, it will be far too long of a wait. He deserves to be celebrating tonight.

Please do not defend this. At the very least this kind of an event shows the need for the Hall to lift the artificial ceiling on how many members can be inducted in a given year. If Curtis is a Hall of Famer in the future, nothing about what he did on the field will have changed. He should not have to wait just because too many others got in this year. If he is worthy in the future, he is worthy this year.