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Hall of Fame Announcement Open Thread

This is your thread for the announcement for 2011 Pro Football Hall of Fame induction. Former Jets great Curtis Martin is up on the ballot for the first time. We all know that by any objective measure, he deserves to get in. We also know the voting is done by sportswriters, which means he is anything but a lock this year. The field is pretty crowded.

I have been pretty consistent in saying my expectations are low. Curtis was not into self promotion, which prevented him from becoming a household name like Terrell Owens. He did nothing spectacular on the field either. He was just consistently excellent.

The New England Patriots have turned the phrase "talking on the field" into a meaningless cliche, but Martin was a guy who did just that. Anybody who played against him knows it. Anybody who played with him knows it. Serious injuries never kept him from being one of the top runners in the game each season during his career. I hope voters can figure that out.

Leave your thoughts on the announcement below.