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Jamaal Anderson: Pursue or No? Part 4: The Vote

Unlike some of the other guys we have profiled thus far in this series, Jamaal Anderson would not be an impact player. He would be a rotational guy on the defensive line. I personally do not have very strong feelings. My inclination is a team can never have too much depth along the defensive line. Anderson is a really athletic 24 year old built to play end in the 3-4. With Rex Ryan teaching him technique, he could be an excellent run stopper for a long time.

He is better than Vernon Gholston and more proven than any of the other young guys the Jets are trying to develop along the defensive line. I would not give up anything to get Anderson in a trade. I also would not be heartbroken if Anderson became a free agent, and the Jets looked elsewhere. If he is available, though, I would not mind Gang Green taking a look at him. He is a good player with a lot of potential.

I vote pursue potentially for a cheap contract if he is cut but do not if he is not.