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A Super Bowl Pact

Dear Readers of GGN,

I would like for us to . I already cringe when thinking what will happen if the Jets do not make the Super Bowl a year from now. I can already hear the calls to WFAN talking about how Rex Ryan talks a big game but can only get his team to a certain point.

Let us agree tonight not to do this. Rex Ryan is an excellent football coach. He sets very high expectations for his team in public. That does not matter, though. Every coach should set those expectations for his team and expect his team to meet them. Any coach who does not is a loser.

Rex Ryan is the best Jets coach of my lifetime. I include Bill Parcells. Parcells was average with the team when he did not have top quarterback play. Rex has taken the team to within a game of the Super Bowl twice while developing a raw young quarterback.

Not every coach breaks through right away. It took Bill Cowher 15 seasons to win it all. It took Dick Vermeil 10. Winning a Super Bowl is not easy. Rex has shown he gets the most out of his players and has a brilliant mind. He will keep putting his team in position to get there, and he will break through eventually.

A year from now, I do not want to hear complaints wondering about whether Rex Ryan is really the man for the job. I do not want to hear people wonder if he has what it takes. Can we agree now to not do this in case the Jets do not hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy in 12 months?