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Shaun Rogers: Pursue or No? Part 5: The Vote

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Taking on Shaun Rogers would be a bit of a risk. He is a guy with plenty of baggage. The Jets have not shied away from guys like him, though. His issues tend to be motivational based, though. Instead of quitting on his team the first time he is upset like Albert Haynesworth, Rogers has let personal issues with coaches, injuries, and off field matters affect things like his conditioning. When everything has been going right for him, he has been happy and very productive.

I do not think the Jets could or should take him in if his salary is going to be close to the current $5.5 million figure. Due to his baggage, though Rogers might not have many suitors. He might come relatively cheaply and have to prove he is worth a big deal. If the Jets could sign for him or trade for him and get him to restructure, he would definitely be worth a long look at to replace Shaun Ellis at defensive end.

I expect the Jets to be linked with Haynesworth just because they are always the team to make a splash. I think Rogers is a better option, though. Rogers has shown he can be exceptionally productive in the right place. Haynesworth only works when he wants to work.