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Shaun Rogers: Pursue or No? Part 4: Potential Effect on the Defense

Shaun Rogers has an incredible amount of physical ability. There are not many 350 pound men with his kind of first step. He hits linemen quickly, before they can gain their balance and start driving forward. Those offensive linemen then have to deal with Rogers' mass coming forward with momentum.

The scary thing is the Jets already have a guy like that, Kris Jenkins. I can't even imagine what a three man line with Sione Pouha at nose tackle with Jenkins and Rogers at end would be capable of doing. The Jets would have over a thousand pounds of meat on that three man line. They would have three guys who constantly demanded double teams. That would make them almost impossible to run against. It would make the pass rush easier and blitzes more effective. Entire offensive lines would struggle to block these three alone without any extra rushers.

Part of Rogers' problem in Cleveland was the way he looked to make plays instead of maintaining his gaps. A Rex Ryan defense is all about guys winning assignments and making plays. It is designed to let guys do what they do best. Rogers in Rex's hands would be fantastic.