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Shaun Rogers: Pursue or No? Part 3: The Rob Ryan Effect

I think one man's recommendation above all others will impact whether the Jets pursue Shaun Rogers in the event he hits the market. That man is Rob Ryan. He was Rogers' defensive coordinator the past two seasons in Cleveland. He is also Rex Ryan's twin brother.

Rogers fell out of favor with the Browns during the Eric Mangini Era. Rob Ryan has insider knowledge of how Rogers works. He will be able to tell his brother whether this was just a bad situation or whether there is a real problem with the player. Is Rogers the kind of guy who could thrive in the right environment with the right motivation? Could winning and a good locker room cure what ails him? Or is he just the kind of guy who would cause problems no matter what?

Rob Ryan has unique insights on this.

Some might argue the Jets will use Eric Mangini as a reference also. I am not so sure about that. Remember, Mike Tannebaum fired Mangini because he did not agree with a lot of the football decisions the former coach made. The organization has also made a concerted effort to lay the Vernon Gholston pick at Mangini's feet over the past two years so what the front office thinks of his evaluation skills is anybody's guess.