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Shaun Rogers: Pursue or No? Part 2: The Rex Ryan Effect

The Jets have found a lot of success in recent years taking in guys with baggage and turning them into success stories in New York. Shaun Rogers would fit that mold well. When Rogers is motivated, he is a force of nature on the defensive line. There have been off field problems, clashes with coaches, and weight problems in his past.

It seems like another case where Rex Ryan could do a lot of good. Players love Rex because he lets them be themselves. In many cases, problem children in football really feel stifled by their coach as though that coach does not respect them. Ryan does not do that. He works with his players to try and get the most out of them. He finds creative approaches. Everybody who is dressed for a game gets to see at least one snap (aside from the backup quarterback). Everybody gets to be a captain at least once during a year to feel a leadership role. Guys playing against a hometown or former team get extra snaps in these special games. When he needed Kris Jenkins and Damien Woody to lose weight, he challenged them to a competition he took part in. This is what people mean when they say a team plays hard for its coach, or a coach gets the most out of his players. When people are in a good place, they work hard to stay there. Almost all of his players have respect and affection for Rex Ryan, which makes them work hard. Rex creates a winning environment with a good locker room vibe.

We wish every player could be like Mark Sanchez, always focused and working his hardest. That does not always happen, though. Some guys need to be motivated and feel respected. This feels like it could be another success story.