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Who Are You Rooting For in Super Bowl XLV?

I have a hunch I know which team most Jets fans will be pulling for in Sunday's Super Bowl, but I think there are valid reasons to pull for either team.


  • At least we could say our team lost to the champion.
  • It would tick off a lot of New England fans if Ben Roethlisberger matched Tom Brady in championships and how frequently the media will point it out.
  • The Rooney family has arguably done as much good for the NFL as any family in league history.


  • The spite factor exists. The Steelers beat the Jets so we want them to suffer.
  • The Steelers have so much bandwagon potential. They have tons of fans everywhere who have never set foot in Pittsburgh. That's not a bad thing. I have family members like this who are real diehard fans. A lot of their fans, though, come out of the woodwork only when they are good. I saw some of their fans talk about how a Sal Alosi situation would never happen with their franchise and how Santonio Holmes didn't deserve to wear their uniform. Excuse me? Wasn't there a little situation with your quarterback's behavior recently?
  • There is the quarterback story. Pittsburgh's quarterback was reportedly a self-indulgent brat for years. The incident in Georgia was the tip of the iceberg. We'll have to hear plenty of redemption stories if his team wins. Green Bay's quarterback had a ton of pressure replacing a guy who is a God in Wisconsin. Legend would not be a strong enough word. This new quarterback is pure class and could not have handled it better on or off the field. He is the kind of guy who should be rewarded.
  • It would be kind of cool if the Packers won the year the Vince Lombardi play makes headlines.

To be honest, I don't care who wins. Pittsburgh losing wouldn't make me feel better. I am just ticked the Jets are not there.